Online philatelic exhibits

 Exhibits in Polish

Gallery of Polish philatelic exhibits (PZF)

II Specialist Virtual Philatelic Exhibition OPEN - Oława 2021

 Exhibits in English

Das Exponatportal des BDPh e.V. - German exhibition portal

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors

Gallery of exhibits of the Polish Philatelic Society "Polonus"

 Exhibits in German

Exhibits of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Exhibits of the Swiss Collectors Association "Motif"

The Federal Community of Poland in the Federation of German Philatelists

 Exhibits in other languages

MANY LANGUAGES - a huge database of exhibits from different countries, in different languages

ITALIAN - Exhibits of the Italian Center for Thematic Philately

ITALIAN - Gallery of the Federation of Italian Philatelic Societies

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